Important Note about the Masterlist

I’m aware that Talia has made an appearance or two (or three? more?) while I’ve been on fandom hiatus. Over the weekend, I’ll be working to update the Talia appearances masterlist that this blog is most known for. Please bear with me while I track down everything. 

Anonymous asked: Yay, you live! Just throwing it in there that I love your blog. Also, um...Harley Quinn #2 was a bit terrible, wasn't it?

I do live! Thank you! 

You know, I actually haven’t read Harley Quinn #2 and I’ve missed out on all the news about recent comics while I’ve been on fandom hiatus. Care to spoil me? 

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I feel like Gandalf right now. 

"I come back to you now, because Gay Nyssa just happened."

(Pic also relevant because it is my birthday and I am now an old woman so yeah, I feel you, Gandalf.)


Ra’s Al Ghul is watching

An accurate depiction of al Ghul family dynamics.

So I don’t check Tumblr for a few months. My first evening back here and I scroll down what do I see? 

Yep. Random porn. 

I’d forgotten what it’s like on here. Bow chicka wow wow. 

Anonymous asked: Have you seen son of batman trailer and sneak peek? What do you think? They are also sadly keeping Talia drugged Bruce stuff while switching Tim and Dick. Why can't people at DC ignored that rape stuff that even Morrison admitted was due to laziness.

I saw a brief video which might have been that. I think Talia had one or two lines in it. I didn’t know they were keeping that part of the story. Ick. Thanks for the heads up. 

I like Talia’s halter dress and the hairstyle. Damian is so tiny! Bruce and Deathstroke’s voices are a bit too similar to me right now, but that could change when I get my (first ever) hearing aid next week. I hope Talia isn’t just Deathstroke’s captive and actually gets to kick some ass. 



Juli managed to find me to tell me about Morena, but I had no idea about Giancarlo. 


Let me tell you something about this here — I only just saw Breaking Bad. I’ve always meant to watch it but never really felt inspired to start. I was on an international flight a few weeks ago and they had the full first season, so I put it on. I was HOOKED instantly. I marathoned the entire show over 2 weeks when I got back. Gus Fring was my favorite favorite favorite character and I absolutely adored Giancarlo’s performance. Everything about it, especially that voice. 

And now I just learned that he’s voicing Ra’s. OH MY GOD

madamcomicbook said: Yeah, I haven’t been into Arrow, but this new development is definitely interesting.

I’ve never watched a single episode of Arrow, but I heard Nyssa was coming so I looked at spoilers. What a nice birthday present. I love her. 

Wow. So I, um, missed a lot.

Gay Nyssa brought me back. 


Um… where has “Shot at the Night” been hiding all these years? 

That shit’s going on my iPod in two seconds. EDIT: Maybe not, as apparently it hasn’t been released yet? 

And watching dear Ronnie has reminded me that I really need to practice drumming before my lesson today. 

Umm, what is this bullshit that happens now when I search a tag?

This has got to be my least favorite update ever. I can’t find anything. 


one day I will get into my cocoon and emerge as batman


Have a little preview for my upcoming posts on Talia October 30thfor Dazzling DC Ladies Month

Get all that fanart and appreciation ready. :3

One of my favorite people is doing a write-up on Talia. Y’all better read it when it’s up. 

Who’s still up at 2:30 AM to do a last minute time test on her DatM presentation? 

This woman. 

I might also be passionately lip-syncing to Savage Garden’s first album. Awww yuss.